The example but not the story

I’ve been catching myself repeatedly under pressure that i need to post something to this blog. It almost makes me regret starting it in the first place, since i never intended it as a regular activity or chore. I keep digging around in my mind and environment for something interesting to write about. And the truth is i find too much, and the resulting indecisiveness has a paralyzing effect.

Seeking information is both rewarding and stressful at the same time. And it makes you question whether it’s about seeking knowledge and understanding, or simply attention. And if there really is a need for sharing what you’ve gathered.

I’m under the impression that everyone needs to be heard to some personal extent, and if that goes unfulfilled, they feel stressed. I have no solid evidence for this, but there are plenty of examples. To spare the obvious celebrities who are born into the world of fame and attention seeking, i shall name a more obscure, and internationally unrecognized personality; Alex Schulman. He publishes news paper articles about topics like what food he consumed on the December 8 2012, and what memories were evoked by the smell of a warm car. He is currently active with a play called ”älska mig” (love me), all about him and his need for approval. And last time i looked, he even had his own stalking community.

And this guy is not alone. In a way, it was unjust of me to single him out, but since he doesn’t seem afraid of the spotlight (more to the contrary, albeit with contradictive utterances), i decided it was alright. I doubt it’s likely to reach him or his followers anyway.
I’ve observed many acquaintances in daily life who constantly upload to their twitter and facebook feeds, about the smallest, most trivial events. And even if these things are in themselves uninteresting, i find the whole process quite thought provoking. At least it makes me question my own ways of communicating, and this need i currently feel to write something that someone somewhere potentially reads. The major difference though, is the number of followers. But strangely enough, i’m comfortable without any. I hate feeling stalked, and as mentioned before, am afraid of exposure.

In addition to the previous example, there is an emerging trend to document your life with photos, notes and videos for future reference and sharing. The extreme version is called lifelogging. A startup company called Memoto, recently funded their wearable technology intended for lifeloggers through a successful kickstarter project.
Today, this phenomenon seems to be more about presenting cool tech gadgets than actually recording peoples lives. Which is understandable, since a lifestyle of recording, not to mention organizing the material into a coherent narrative, presumably takes a lot of time and attention. But on the other hand, wearing glasses that record your field of view, leaves your hands free and awareness undisturbed by controlling a camera. Apparently there’s an ambiguity regarding convenience, although practicing lifeloggers surely have their reasons for documenting their activities. Personal reasons range from narrating the life of someone with a fatal disease, to lifestyle changes for sedentary people.

I’m starting to think the phenomena of life -logging, -blogging and -glogging deserve a separate post, hence i’ll end the current one by saying that such activities are not something i personally plan on doing. However, i do plan on further exploring the existing stories shared by others, and what could be more appropriate than starting with a novice?


About insigniff

I'm a curiously sniffing rodent, lurking around and investigating whatever catches my attention.
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