Are blogs more reliable than mainstream media?

As information becomes more widely distributed and available thanks to the internet, the question often arises of what role regular TV-broadcasts or newspapers will play in public news consumption.
I rarely watch news on TV anymore, but when i do, i experience a contrast compared to online news-sites and blogs, manifest in the ‘one way’ communication of mainstream media with its audience. With no ability to comment, react, share one’s viewpoints or provide links to primary sources, presentations on TV or in papers lack both interaction and transparency. The prospect of writing in or calling the producers is far more rare than commenting on their website, and way less convenient too.

Perhaps my personal distrust with mainstream media is unwarranted, but a video with Ben Goldacre made me decide it’s a point worth making; that websites, through their interaction and transparency, provide a more reliable flow of information, at least if you care to examine the sources.

”I think blogs are potentially more reliable than mainstream media ever was, mainly because you can check for each individual blog author how credible they are, because bloggers link to primary resources.”

I’m sure it requires more effort than reclining on the couch a friday night, but carefully reading articles, links and other peoples arguments, pays off by means of increased insight in issues of interest to you. And even though all pieces of news cannot be scrutinized by a single person, the collective effort invested by millions, makes it possible to know more than ever before.

I have yet to come across a method for unambiguously judging how reliable a piece of information is, and where the best places are to look for specific things. But my idealism in regards to the internet still remains, and is hopefully not entirely unrealistic.
As i’m still new to WordPress, i clearly have A LOT more to discover here. But as an example of what i mean by ”transparent and interactive” distribution of information, let me recommend this blog to anyone interested in physics, and wants a comprehensible explanation of what’s known about the alleged ”God Particle” (excuse me for spreading this awful term). And even if you’re not that familiar or interested in the subject matter, i still encourage you to check out something new.


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