A First Attempt

Before deciding to turn the idea of writing a blog into practice, i went through much deliberation. Mainly, this on-and-off thought process consisted of attempting to justify the activity itself, and the content i would provide it with.
Not too long ago, i reached the conclusion that i could not possibly add anything to the seas, mountains and wastelands of personal introspection, creative writing, jabber about music and celebrities (and all other imaginable topics) that encompass the blogosphere.
Discouraged by my own intuitions, the lack of motivation persisted and i thought my ranting on the internet was enough already. And admittedly, while simultaneously doubting that anyone would browse intensely enough to come across my little node, i was afraid of exposure. Of controversial opinions raising conflict or characteristics being falsely or unfairly  attributed to my personality. And while these among other fears still remain, i can’t help but feel encouraged by people who seem to be in a similar situation as i am, yet capable of expressing themselves in a harmless and even inspirational manner. Maybe, if i develop a comfortable relationship with expressing myself in this format (or in any format at all for that matter), i will provide links to posts that have inspired me. 
When trying to choose a name for a blog, i googled some ideas to see if they were already used. I settled for ”Insigniff”, since it seemed so far only attributed to some lonely man’s profile on Okcupid (which is not me, i’m an 18 year old girl just to provide the contrast. Yet nonetheless lonely)…
I might change it soon though, if a more attractive name or description strikes my mind.
It remains unclear to me what finally changed my nebulous mind, but at certain times and quite often lately, the possibility of sharing or at least saving what i write seems worth a try.
As of yet, i have a few ideas of topics that certainly are of interest to me, and hopefully also to someone else out there.
In order to avoid false hopes however, i won’t elaborate on those in this post, but i can promise you this. I will make a conscious effort to retain my commitment to this blog, and if reasons arise for why i cannot do so, i shall post them and never return. My ideal is honesty, and one of my many fears are exposure. This post is mainly a reflection of a personal development process trying to reconcile the two.

About insigniff

I'm a curiously sniffing rodent, lurking around and investigating whatever catches my attention.
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